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   Every project is unique and special in its own way. I like to dedicate myself and make a passion for the projects I am involved in.

   I’ve learned from my work in Romania and the USA that each project needs attention and dedication to grow and become profitable.


    Creating a menu that matches the project and the cuisine theme is just the cherry on the cake.

     The technological flow, proper kitchen equipment and choosing the right suppliers are just a few elements that influence an Horeca business.


    The decision to call a consultant chef will stop you from losing money and time and help you develop and grow a successful business.


Horeca Consulting

 The kitchen is the engine of your business, so please take care of it and make sure you use the best fuel.

Private Events

  Do you want to spoil your taste buds? A private chef is exactly what you need to create the perfect atmosphere.


   Quality is the basic principle of my philosophy. The menus are personalized to meet the culinary preferences of the customers and to match the event. 




I am very pleased with the services I received.

Delicious food and charismatic chef.

Razvan Bolovan, La Trattoria

At your service

Tel: +40-742-189-902    |  Email: Alex@alexrada.ro

Tell me something about your restaurant, event or project and I will start creating the right menu.
Sunt de acord cu prelucrarea datelor.


Tel: +40-742-189-902    |  Email: Alex@alexrada.ro


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